Our Mission:
The La Ronge & District Chamber of Commerce will:
  • Actively promote trade and commerce to foster economic growth in our community
  • Continually provide a collective voice for the benefit of our members
  • Create a community of opportunity for all

What is the Chamber?

The Chamber is the voice of business in the area. The Chamber advocates for business in a non-partisan and non-political way in the three communities of La Ronge, Air Ronge, and the Lac La Ronge Indian Band. The goal of its volunteer member committees is to make the communities of Lac La Ronge an attractive and competitive place to do business.

Who is the Chamber?

The Chamber is made of volunteers who want to have a hand in growing their community. Chamber members are representatives of businesses of all typers and sizes, including home-based businesses. The Chamber also has representatives from non-profit groups and government organizations.

What does the Chamber do?

The Chamber consists of committees, each representing their industry or sector. These committees are made up of Chamber members who meet monthly. They bring solutions, calls for advocacy, and action items to the Chamber Executive, who also meet monthly to support and deliver on the objectives of the committees. Together, the Committees and the Executive know what works.

The Chamber can endorse, advocate for, and support the solutions proposed by each committee if the committee is willing to take on the responsibility, committment, and hard work. Support from the Chamber could be as simple as a letter, or it could be more involved like accessing sponsorships and grants or offering the in-kind assistance needed for an idea to work.

What might it look like?

Advocacy: Well thought out presentations to local leaders and council on any number of business or community issues, such as road access, taxes, vandalism, beautification of a specific area, vagrancy, litter, etc.

Proactive Solutions: Crime Watch, Litter Campaigns, Canada Day or Family Events, industry & trade shows, etc.